[VERIFIED] 9 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Everyone likes to make some extra cash as they are spending most of their time at home and spending a lot of time, It has become easier with the help of the internet, So let’s talk about some amazing options out there. 

Top Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly From Home

Here are 10 Real Ways to Earn Money Online :

1. Trading Shares – Trade Individual Shares or Investing in Indexes

Trading shares means buying and selling shares of a company. When a company does well, its value goes up, This increases the value of your shares, which is where you’d sell it to make a profit.

There is also another way to earn money through dividends. The company pays a part of their profit to their shareholders, your dividends amount depends on the no. of share you own.

You can also be an online broker and trade stock. When looking for one, stocks available, ease-of-use, make note of its fees, assets, and customer support. 

You can easily create a Demat account using discount brokerages like Zerodha or Upstox

2. Invest in Cryptocurrency  – Get Started With Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic these days along with trading shares you can also trade cryptocurrency to make money. There are many crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and DogeCoin, etc. 

You will need a digital wallet to invest in them. there are several digital wallets that allow you to do trading as well like, 

When buying them, you’ll realise e that just one would cost thousands of dollars. So you can buy only a fraction of the particular coin and do trading.

They could drop or increase in value sharply, so you need to be well educated on the market when investing in them.

In terms of where you should be trading them, the best would be Coinshare, Coinswith Kuber, Binance, etc.

3. Blogging – Start Your Own Website or Youtube Channel

Making money from home is not that hard. One of the ways is through blogging.

It’s easier than you think:

You just need to register sign-in to any hosting provider

Register a domian name that you like 

Choose a hosting plan 

Many hosting providers provide 1-click installs of wordpress.

Or you can buy a domain name without the hosting the plan and regiter with blogger to get free hosting.

You don’t have to be a programmer to get started. Many themes are just drag and drop.

If you do it right, you can make a lot of money through blogs. You would have to grow your site until it has an audience. Then, you’ll be making money through advertisements and affiliate programs. Once your site is successful enough, you can sell it for thousands of dollars

Making it successful can be tricky, though. You don’t just need to have good writing, you’d have to invest time and effort to get visibility for your content. like your position on Google’s search results. This would make you more accessible – people tend to find websites on the top of the results the most reliable. 

4. Freelancing – Work for Others Online

Its a great way to earn money online from home, You probably have skills in a certain field which you can rent them out on the internet and earn a good amount.

There are many popular freelancing websites like Freelancer or Upwork, or advertise on Facebook or instagram and other social media.

Based on the how many hours you are willing to work they will pay you. There are stories of people doing work on Upwork and never getting paid also so make sure to do work with trusted users.

If you’re serious about freelancing, try to connect with your clients in social media sites like linkedin or facebook. They’re legit, so you don’t have to worry about not receiving your money.

It’s okay to take the first few tasks for very little. This would help you build your profile up.

You can show your skills on social media sites to get potentail clients coming to you. You’ll also be able to charge more for your services once you are popular.

In terms of the things you can freelance for, here are a few:

Languages – you could translate texts.

Web design – designing sites for clients, creating templates for sites and apps.

IT – developing apps and webapps to clients

Writing – doing blog articles, resumes, and editing.

Video production – you could do marketing and promotional content.

5. Data Entry – Simple Jobs Anybody Can Do in online

Data entry dosent require you to have any skills. you’ve probably heard of data entry before and even tried before. A lot of Companies work with data, which they need to input into their systems for backup. 

Companies hire you part-time instead of paying a salary to regularly do it. You probably won’t be deciding on your rates. The team would give you a fixed amount for the information you type in.

There are a lot of sites that offer similar data entry jobs which are trustworthy and aslo pay well. And you can do it across any field.

6. Virtual Assistant / Customer Care Representative – Help Others With Their Business

Every company has a customer care representative, you don’t need to be at office to do this job you can work from home. This kinda  job is mostly related to do administrative works like responding to emails, organising meetings, handling spreadsheets, and other administration work.

Many companies also hire virtual Assistants as a regular employees if your performance is good. And you will be also getting good salary for this work from home jobs.

You also don’t need to be qualified to do this job. But most people who are looking for virtual assistants hire people who are experienced in this field. 

There is a huge demand for customer support these days. Many companies are looking for customer support so that their clients have a good experience.

As this is a admin work you can easily work from home, you can get flexible and schedule the work, Thats why you will see a lot of women, and young guys with no experience doing this job.

You can find this kinda jobs in the job portals like Linkedin, glassdoor etc, And in our website we regularly post work from home jobs you can check them out.

There are also Facebook pages looking to set clients up with VAs too that you can easily find.

7. Online Surveys – Fill Out Surveys And Get Paid Online 

This is also one of the popular way to earn money online form home, but you wont be able to earn that much. This is could only be a part time job where you can earn passive income

You’d get paid for answering a set of questions, you can register in several sites to earn more, you can good passive income. Some companies also provide refferal bonus.

Many companies do surveys before launching a product to consumers, if they are interested or what are the current trends in the general public. There are some apps that pay you do to nothing as well just by installing the apps in your mobile.

Instead of using survey sites, you can make more money. You might see specific questionnaires by companies on Facebook or forums like Reddit. Their rates are the best.

8. Build an Online Store – eCommerce Business Online

Amazon is one of the most popular ecommerce website in the world, but far behind Alibaba but you cant compete with the chinese suppliers its better to stick with Amazon.

You can be a seller online and list your products in their by paying a comisson to Amazon, You can also try E-bay or Etsy. 

You can set the prices on the goods you sell. However, getting too steep would turn people away keep that in mind.

You should be well aware of your spending as shipping can cost a lot, you need to offset that price in the price you are quoting on the product.

And you need to spend money on marketing as well to sell more products and also maintain good rating on the platform to get more customers buying the product.

You’ll occasionally be dealing with angry customers so be mindfull of that.

Now a days setting up shopify store is very easy also you can explore that also, but you need to find a niche that buyers are interested in. So that you can be successful in earning a profit.

9. Online Tutoring – Teach Others And Get Paid

If you have a passion to teach others and spread knowledge then this would be an amazing profession as there is a huge demand for this now as this pandemic is not letting anyone to come out.

You need to have knowledge on a certain subject to tutor students over the internet, You can start free classes on youtube as the subscribers increase you will get paid.

You can also private classes on Zoom or skype and charge a fee, there is a lot of work in general to be a tutor.

Instead of teaching, you can do something similar and create notes for students. When doing this, you need to make sure that you understand their syllabus and the subjects you need to cover.

Your success not only depends on how effective you are, but how good you are at making a connection with the students. You should be able to make students want to keep coming back to you.