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Wanna make a little extra cash on the side just by answering some questions?

Instead of doing surveys that might pay $1-$5 each, try some of the focus groups that average around $100 per hour of your time.


What is Respondent? A real-time marketplace for sourcing and scheduling research interviews with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Recruit, qualify, and pay high-quality research participants for any type of research study. Manage non-customer and customer participants.

At Respondent, you can earn $20-$400/hour, with an average of $120/hour participating in focus groups.

These gigs/works are mostly remote and, luckily, not city-specific or even country-specific.

There is also a referral program that pays $50 per referral if they join using your Respondent referral link


watchLAB is a global qualitative solutions firm that believes in the power of conversation and creating the environments to best support these conversations.

Description. watchLAB is a market research firm. It specializes in Focus group studies, Market Research, Recruitment, Online Qualitative Research, and Global company.

Even If you are a college student without any experience, you can easily earn money online, but you should be above 16 years  

You can easily make $60-$150/hour with an average of 100%.

It is a great place to find gigs that you can do remotely using WatchLAB.

Usually, these studies are city-specific, but there are many studies that can be done at home.


Focuscope is a market research firm that focuses on reinventing creativity to best achieve your ultimate goal. Bold Insight and Focuscope partner to deliver user.

Focuscope is a Chicago-based Market Research Company providing both recruitment services and state-of-the-art focus group facilities.

Another focus group organization is Focuscope.

Here, you can earn $75-$250/hour by working from home.

These focus groups are also usually city-specific, but most studies are remote work from home.