Money can be earned in many different ways. Now a days using mobile apps is becoming a bit more popular than other ways. There are huge number of money-making apps in India that helps an individual to have a decent earning. So, if you are aware of all these money-making methods, then you will be able to make your secondary income from various ways and use for many other purposes. 

What if I tell you that, do you get to know ways and tricks that could help you make simple and fast extra money on the side with no effort? So, get ready to know the top 10 interesting money-making apps in India to make your dreams true!

A lot of people have a myriad of reasons to earn money online. In addition, you can work from home on a regular basis and gain access to the world market with an affordable start-up investment. There are a variety of ways to earn money online that do not even require the creation or storage of items.

How can we use our mobile phone to make money?

Making money has become a necessary part of people’s life. It became the highest priority for almost everyone. Our smartphone/mobile can now be a key to earn a lot of money.

These apps are quite useful for housewives, teenagers, and other people who don’t want to spend their time doing monotonous activities. They can use their time wisely and make use of these apps through their smartphones.

Earning with these apps can be like a part-time job in their free time. On the other hand, all the available apps in our list are worthwhile.

Let us know about each of these apps in detail:

Roz Dhan is one of the most reliable apps in all other money-making apps. 

It was really and amazing game and Roz Dhan App earning is good for the students, as it can be used for minimum part time jobs only. one option is there to earn unlimited Paytm cash in Roz Dhan app, that is App Refer & Earn option.


You can share your Roz Dhan app referral code to your friends and family members so that if they join Roz Dhan app then on per successful joining of Roz Dhan app you will earn good amount of money.


This app is so fantastic that helps you in earning points for sending referrals or invitations to friends to join in the competition. In this app use just need to solve some puzzles, riddles and answer questionnaire to gain points. And even with less efforts like reading the latest news, checking daily horoscopes, visiting sites. 


This is a Money earning app in which you can earn money in many ways and also you can earn money by watching trending articles and viral videos in it.

There are many ways to earn money from Roz Dhan App, for which you can earn money, for this, first download RozDhan App because after downloading it you can get Rs 50 instantly by entering invite code.


Everyone will get a signup bonus. When you fulfil the given instant ‘cash tasks’, you will be able to earn ₹300, which you can withdraw in 2 days.


You can simply check the Roz Dhan app Earnings, and how to earn money in Roz Dhan app. And even the withdrawal is very simple in this app.

Roz Dhan is one of the Best Money Earning App in India.

Install Roz Dhan now and easily make ₹200 to do your shopping

You will get ₹50 for free just for logging in to the app for the very first time. Do some simple new user tasks in the app and get further ₹50

After the ₹100 giftbag for new users, Withdraw Wallet Cash to your Paytm account after checking-in for 2 consecutive days through India’s best money Earning app and after completing “Instant Cash Tasks” in the app.

Cash withdrawal: Roz Dhan is one of the most trusted Indian app on the Android play store and has been used by more than 25 million users till date. You can withdraw money to Paytm account after your first 2 days on the app, withdraw money immediately after completing “Instant Cash Tasks” and after reaching ₹300 in your RozDhan wallet.

Contact Us: If you want to convey any suggestions or concerns regarding improvement of the Roz Dhan app, please contact us at [email protected]


Ratings 3.9/5

Downloads 1M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

2. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards have just launched a new app available to Android customers that permit customers to submit reviews and feedback on different services. Install and download this Google App APK file name as Google Opinion Reward to get going using the application.


It is a type of app which helps us to earn through surveys. This seems like a scam but actually it isn’t. It is an application available over play store. After downloading the app, we will be asked few questions about ourselves by the google. 


The Google Play balance can also be used to pay for subscriptions or unlock new features in Android games and apps via in-app purchases. It can also be used on YouTube to send super chats or join channels for further benefits.


However, if you think of randomly answer the survey questions to get away with it and just to earn money, the practice can be easily detected, and you will not receive more surveys to fill in the future.


The money earned as Google Play Credit through this Google Opinion Rewards can be redeemed to purchase games, online shopping, purchase movie tickets, music albums, and other Play Store apps.You can earn money by writing reviews for websites and products. A lot of Indians have applied for eligibility to this program and it is also available in many other countries.


Fill out that form and every month few surveys will reach us from Google. After we complete our survey, $1 will be credited to our account in play store. 


Ratings 4.4/5

Downloads 50M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

3. Meesho

Meesho is a fantastic application for the users who wish to start their business without any investment. It is highly useful for the students or housewives who wish to start small businesses without any investment. 


Meesho itself is a unique and interesting way to earn. You can earn by starting your reselling business with Meesho and top of that Meesho has its unique bonus plan in which you can earn a bonus every week based on your weekly sales. 


The “Refer and Earn” scheme of Meesho is just amazing where you can get a commission on every sale of your referral for 2 years. Not only this, but the VIP plan of Meesho is also amazing where you can get extra discounts on every product and don’t worry you do not have to buy it or pay anything to get a VIP membership you just have to complete orders. 


There are many more unique benefits in the Meesho app for almost everyone like free shipping catalogues discounts going for the whole 365 days a year, Meesho credits, Spin wheel and much more. Go ahead explore the app and make the most out of it.


For this all we need to do is just download the meesho app from the play store. After downloading, we need to select the product type along with the categories that we desire to sell or deal. This app helps you to get all product at the wholesale price.

Another release, another round of improvements! Here’s what’s new:

• Products with different size options now have prices shown within the size buttons.

• Ordering using the “Buy Now” button now requires fewer steps.

• Search results now display top brands in the category.

• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Happy shopping! 


This app also allows publishing product pictures and details and sharing them on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…


We just to have the knowledge of calculating our profits and setting the final price after deducting the profits. 


Ratings 4.4/5

Downloads 100M+

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You can now shop for yourself or earn money online, both using the same Meesho App!

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

4. Task bucks

In today’s time, everyone spends a lot of money to recharge their mobile phone. In this case, let me tell you about free charge app, so that you can recharge yourself for free.


Task bucks is one of the greatest money-making applications in which we can earn money by just completing some simple tasks like viewing advertisements, referring friends or members of our family, giving innovative thoughts, participating in contests, installing some other apps and accessing other websites. 


You can earn money through Taskbucks. Through this app you can earn money online for Paytm cash, mobile recharge and mobile bill. There are many such features inside the Taskbucks app, with the help of which you can earn money in different ways.


If you are a student, studying in school or college, then you must have needed pocket money. Taskbucks app is a better way of earning for all those students, with the help of which they can arrange their monthly pocket money.


We can easily earn up to Rs. 70 just by referring to others. By moving your money from this app to other applications like Paytm, Mobi Kwik wallet, etc… we can use that for mobile recharges, internet charges, bill payments, etc.


Ratings 4.0/5

Downloads 10M+

 Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

5. Cointiply

Cointiply is a 100% legit and reputable site. I have been with them for a year and have never had any issues getting my payments sent to my account.

Cointiply is a best application for those who want to earn in bit coins. This application allows its users to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to their wallet. To make this, we only need to play fun games, watch adds and PTC adds and make some simple surveys. 

Cointiply the best one out there. You can withdraw your earning in Bitcoin, Dash coin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. To earn on Cointiply you need to earn points, 10.000 points equals 1 Dollar.

The minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin is 50.000 coins or 5 dollars. For Dash coin, Litecoin and Dogecoin the minimum withdrawal amount is 30.000 coins.

The best wallet to withdraw your earnings to is Coinbase, where you can also earn free crypto

You can convert them later into bitcoin, Doge, LTC or into dash wallet. And there will be some frequent bonus, giveaways and boosts. You can also get loyalty bonuses up to 2x rewards.

Ratings 3.9/5

Downloads 10M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

6. Pocket Money

Pocket money is one of the rarest apps where you can make some additional income by finding popular and high-earning offers, completing tasks and watching videos. It gives recharges offers for million of its users. 


This application comes with a fantastic dashboard and charts are included for the users so that it becomes easier for them to know their expenditure and earnings on regular basis. 


Sometimes, you might not be able to get your data back when you save it in other applications but with this application, you can create a backup of your financial transactions.


It comes with a simple interface so that no user can have difficulty in using this application ever. It is really a very exciting application to earn money for students with depending on their parents.


The developers of this app say that you can earn up to ₹7000 by just being active in the app. If you want to pay off bills, movie tickets and cab drives, then Pocket money is the best suggested app.

Earn unlimited FREE Mobile Recharge & Wallet Cash with Pocket Money by completing easy tasks! Avail attractive offers & get free mobile recharges & unlimited Wallet Cash in Pocket Money, the free recharge app! Now earn through your smartphone and pay all your bills, avail cab rides, book movie tickets, shop etc. all for FREE!   How users earn upto ₹ 7000 daily

• Explore & download apps from Pocket Money & get cashback for same


There would be a number of applications displayed on the screen among which you can choose the one with which it will be easier for you to earn money faster. You will need to read the instructions properly before starting your trial session and you can check out the details and options with which it will be easy for you to multiply money. 


You will wallet cash and recharges as rewards when you will use this application regularly.


Ratings 4.3/5

Downloads 10M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

7. Wonk

Wonk is one of the biggest platforms where a plethora of online tutoring is earning ample revenue. The app does not only provide its services within Indian boundaries but all across the world.


For online tuitions, you can definitely choose Wonk application which provides you with a wide range of services. Its services are available all over the world. 


For improving your teaching skills and efficiency along with your career and an additional income, you should definitely try Wonk app.


It is an impressive platform that helps people earn a piece of living and enhance their teaching skills and effectiveness. To apply for an online tutoring profile, one needs to have:

• A graduation degree

• Good communication skills

• Student empathy and a good listener

• Expertise in using internet-based tools and resources for online teaching

• Subject matter proficiency


For beginning your teaching online in this site, we must meet some qualifications. The Wonk team will decide whether to qualify you as a teacher of not and gives you good salary according to your teaching skills. 

All online tutors can easily make Rs.250 to Rs.1000 per hour of teaching. 

An also depending on the number of students you teach at a time your pay will be decided.

WONK is a first of its kind initiative in India to formalize & streamline the process of connecting WONKs (An expert in a particular field), popularly known as Tutors to students & parents seeking them.

Alternatively, you can give us a missed call at 8080805225.

Since ages, the process of finding the best tutor/centre for academics, hobbies & interests, entrance coaching,

Being a licenced online educator is not hard, and you can pursue this lucrative career even if you have no prior experience in teaching.

Ratings 3.9/5

Downloads 10K+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

8. Current Rewards

Download this app and sign-up with your Gmail or Facebook ID. Making money has been made easier with this app as you can get paid for listening to music and playing games. Simple, isn’t it?


Current rewards is perfectly suitable for those music lovers because you earn money here by just listening to music from your favourite bands and stations. You can make out more by filling surveys, watch short videos, and try free games and apps which are provided. 


The app is subscription-free, which is available on the Play Store. Earn Cash Rewards app offers a seamless streaming experience with built-online money-making opportunities. The app is comprised of more than 1 lakh radio stations with the world’s best songs in each genre. Also, it contains games of topmost graphics and quality.

This is a good app for making money listening to music, playing games and taking surveys. I wish there was more to read other then the news, an example would be books. 

Browsing for stuff to get points I have not tried yet. Locks up or crashes on occasion, expecially when playing games threw the app. I lose lots of points cuz I miss check in while sleeping and listening to music but I am ok with that. The rewards are prompt, I have only gtten one reward so far and hope it continues being prompt. 


Sometimes we can also get cashbacks through this app in shopping and also by referring to the friends. We can easily earn up to $600 per year i.e., around 49k rupees per year which is quite impressable. 


You can redeem your earnings with Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and Target gift cards. Furthermore, the app has more than 300000 reviews so that you can trust this app blindly.


Ratings 4.1/5

Downloads 10M+

 Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

9. The Panel Station

Panel Station is a worldwide consumer community that offers paid surveys and opportunities to review products and services. The site also offers a convenient mobile app for your smartphone and registration is free.

The Panel Station- Never let that extra dollar slip away!

We are a community of over 6.3 million panelists spread across the 35+ countries in the globe. We believe in transforming the world through your opinion. We have been transforming the lives of our panelists since a decade with the best rewards for sharing an opinion with us.


If you just like to fill out the surveys unlimitedly, then Panel Station is the best option for you. The surveys you fill here are put forward by government bodies, communities, companies and individuals to know the response of the public on their opinions for a change. 


Points can be redeemed for a variety of gift vouchers from popular companies. You can also increase your chances to win sweepstakes prizes through the site.


Upon your initial registration, you earn 250 points. Additional points are earned for every completed survey, with most surveys worth 500-5000 Panel Reward points.

Feedback on the Panel Station Android Application The app interface is straightforward and clean. easy to understand and easy to use. However, the pending points take long time to process. the system also required to update the take off the old surveys and only show the new surveys for my participation. Redemption is fast and easy.


The survey time is around 30 seconds to 10 minutes here. You will be paid more if the survey time is more. Brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm get useful information about the customers when you fill these surveys. So, you will be paid by them.


Ratings 3.7/5

Downloads 1M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

10. Street bees

One of the other survey-based and review-based money earning app is Streetbees. Streetbees is an Artificial Intelligence platform that provides you income just by updating your daily activities in the form of chat. The app developers will ask you about your daily activities to be describes in most detailed way by either photos or videos. 


Streetbees is an app that crowdsources information from people across the globe by turning daily tasks into data collection opportunities. For example, you use Streetbees to answer questions about what dog food brands are popular in your area while walking your dog.


Human intelligence at work, everywhere: that’s the power of Streetbees. Global companies then use this data to help make better business decisions.

You can earn money through your smartphone on this app by doing simple tasks like taking a photo of a product in a store or answering survey questions. You can also prefer more complex tasks, like mystery shopping assignments.


You will be paid Rs.8 – 10 for a shot of 3-4 minutes survey. And for longer survey of 6-10 minutes, you will be paid up to Rs.50 per survey. 

Not your standard survey app! Share moments of your everyday lives with us – and get paid up to £5 each time you do it.

From hobbies, to what you snack on, to the technology you use – we want to know what you’re up to. You can share as much or as little as you like – you’re in complete control!

Hands down the best survey app out there. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate. The surveys are organized in messenger format which makes it very accessible. No tiny buttons to click or small print. 

No scrolling to tick 1000 boxes. The pay per survey is very reasonable compared to time taken to complete. No unqualified unpaid surveys. It’s everything other survey apps and websites aren’t. Great job, and thank you for your hard work and dedication in making a great app.

 Need not to worry about your privacy because the company uses its AI to crunch this data into workable insights for companies like Unilever, Carlsberg, Sony and many more just know you’re the taste of the customers and what they like.


Streetbees is available on Android and iOS. Thus, you can go on to the App Store or Google Play to download the app and start earning.


Ratings 4.3/5

Downloads 1M+

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

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