In our India there are many colleges and universities are there but among them there are top 10 main colleges which are present in India.

The list goes as follows:

1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

2. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras

3. Indian institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

4. Indian institute of Technology Kharagpur

5. Indian institute of technology, Delhi

6. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

7. Indian institute of technology, Kanpur

8. Indian institute of technology, Guwahati

9. Indian institute of technology Roorkee

10. Banaras Hindu universities

It is the first top most university in India. It is a public deemed Research University for higher education and research in science, engineering, design, and management. It is located in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. This institute was established in 1909 with active support from Jamshedji Tata and thus is also known as the “Tata Institute”. Coming to academics in this institute we have post-graduate (PG) research programs and under graduate (UG) programs and this institute collaborates with various government organizations like DRDO, ISRO etc…

The first thing every student feels after entering the cool, green campus of IISc is the sense of belongingness. Every student immediately connects to this beautiful campus that brings together the past, present and the future. The story of the culmination of a glorious dream – the vision of Jamshedji Tata combined with the advice of Swami Vivekananda, together with the generosity of the Maharaja of Mysore state Shri Krishna raja Wodeyar that resulted in the formation of IISc – is etched in the minds of the students. To make it stronger, there is a statue of Jamshedji Tata that overlooks the main building – Tower Building of the institute.

As per QS World this IISC had ranked 1st in 2022 in terms of citations and also had ranked 2nd consistently for more than 5 years among all universities around the world in terms of citations per faculty. Coming to campus life we events Alumni associations and one of the best infrastructures with across 371 acre of land and 45 academic department and best hostels for boys and girls and sports like cricket volleyball badminton basketball, football.

Everything is available and the best part is we can enjoy college life and we need not worry about the placements because it has INR 60 LPA and the median package stood at INR 23 LPA and during 2021 there are 270 PG students were placed with good companies and the highest package is around 4 crores per year and the average package is 1.5 crores so I can say that this is the best and no 1 university among India.

IISc Bangalore has various facilities and these facilities include Gym, Pharmacy, Laundries/Dry cleaners, Tailoring shops, Provision and General Stores, Hairdressing saloons, Baby care centre, Banks, Amenities Hall, etc. Also, there are a total of 16 central research facilities in IISc.

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras

It is the second top most university in India. It is one of the Indian institute of Technology and recognized as an Institute of National importance and has been consistently rated as one of India’s most prestigious universities and ranking no.2 under the overall engineering and no.10 Management categories by the NIRF 2022 Rankings IIT madras offers a list of coursed at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

And one of the best campus life with sports facilities multiple sports grounds & coaching present and college events moderately busy calendar with 1-3 monthly events coming to mess food quality and taste of food is acceptable, Mess and cooking arrangements are Hygienic. 

And we can enjoy college culture like locational diversity and students support services and mostly English language is used on campus and supportable staffs and students will not face any type of discrimination. 

Now the placements in this college are one of the best part because the highest package stood at INR 1.89 crore per annum and thousands of offers came and the Average package is INR 33.06 LPA. So one of the best college in India and you feel like heaven on earth.


You might have heard about those 7 figured salaries offered at IITs. Never get carried away by that kind of news. That salary is offered mostly to CS junta and to very few of them. Placements depend on your CGPA, branch, project, positions of responsibility. Etc. 

Placements at IITs are completely handled by the students. Most of the masters’ students prefer core companies. Placements are common for BTechs and Masters. 

You got to prepare thoroughly for placements as you will be competing with the best minds in the country. First day placements are must watch at IITs as companies literally fight for students. Though Masters at IIT does not guarantee a placement, the learning and exposure you get here will definitely boost your confidence to get one. Peace out!!

The German Connection: 


IIT Madras is the third oldest IIT, established in 1959 with technical and financial support from West Germany.


The Campus:

A large and serene campus, rich in greenery and wildlife, makes IIT Madras stand out. Nowhere else can you find the spotted deer and the endangered blackbuck living in harmony with the student community. The campus serves as a perfect habitat for these deer, whose population is thriving.


Rivers and Mountains Galore!: All hostels are named after different prominent rivers of India, and the messes are named after mountains.


Student Activities: With just about any and every activity managed by students, IIT Madras has an activity club for every student, no matter what his/her interests are. There’s something for everyone, with the campus buzzing with student activities all year round.


No Time Constraints: The campus is open for its students round the clock. There are no time restrictions for students to enter or leave the campus and the hostels, a flexible aspect that’s convenient for the student community here.


IIT-M Research Park: The Research Park encourages innovation and incubates innovative startups, providing initial infrastructure, faculty and R & D support to these companies.


IIT Madras Lingo: The common lingo at IIT-M is a blend of English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil. There’s even a Masters thesis published at a German university on this.


Open Air Theatre (OAT): The OAT seats 7000 people at full capacity. Movies in English, Hindi and regional languages are screened every Saturday at 8 PM. The sound and picture quality are both very good and make for an awesome experience for movie-goers. The OAT also hosts other functions and concerts.

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Indian institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay:

It is third top most college in India. It is an internationally acclaimed autonomous public research university and technical institute in Powai Mumbai Maharashtra, India IIT Bombay was founded in 1958. 

It is ranked third in engineering colleges under NIRF 2022. IIT Bombay offers admission to all coursed through various national level entrance examinations. coming to academic moderate schedule with around 5-15 lectures per week frequency of exams and tests and practical discussions around case studies take place often and Teachers help students with resources, well-stocked library and Apart from a very few most of the faculty members are interested in teaching and are very good at it. 

The course curriculum is diverse and is designed in such a way that students get all the necessary know knowledge before facing the industry. Infrastructure has all the facilities which include air-conditioned classrooms, Wi-Fi campus, a vast and beautiful library and a beautiful campus. 

Good quality facilities are provided in the hostel, and food, mess, canteen and all are good here. Now coming to placements Top Recruiting companies like Microsoft, Google, TCS, Infosys, Apple, Tech Mahindra etc visits campus for course placements. Highest package is INR 4 crore per annum and the highest international packages stood at INR 2.1 CPA and the Average package is INR 22.7 LPA.


Different events like Mood indigo, Techfest, E summit etc are the soul of IIT. Mood indigo and Techfest are the Asia’s biggest fest and the days spending in these events are just amazing. One can call them the best 4 days of life. Interacting with many personalities.

Professors are very qualified. Most professors have masters and doctorate degrees from top universities of the world. They are excellent in their respective fields.


Excellent curriculum. Our curriculum is well designed. It is rigid enough to ensure that we learn the most important concepts in CS. At the same time, it is flexible enough to allow us to choose our courses in fourth year. Besides, the minor program helps students to learn about other disciplines.


Start-up environment. Lots of students go for start-ups. This opens internship opportunities for IIT Bombay students. Top quality lecture halls. You should definitely do a Google search about this. I won’t speak much here.

The CSE advantage. Everyone knows that the JEE rank cut-offs for IITB CSE are close to 50. When you meet your friends at other colleges, they automatically see you with respect. Overall, it’d be like to say that you should indeed study to your maximum and aim for IITB CSE. It’s truly the best college for Computer Science in India.

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Indian institute of Technology Kharagpur:

It is the 4th oldest technical institute in the west Bengal state India. The institute is the first of the IIT to be established and is recognized as an institute of national importance in 2019 it was awarded the status of institute of Eminence by the government of India. 

Coming to infrastructure this college has many labs and classrooms, and medical facilities are also very good and hostel life is very nice and its own canteen or mess where the food quality is quite decent. The teachers in this college are very helpful knowledgeable and well qualified in their fields the curriculum is vast and covers almost all the things required and it makes the students industry ready. 

IIT sports meet are the important culture and sport festivals regularly held in this college every year. And coming to placements highest package is INR 2.40 crore per annum and Average package is INR 20 LPA top recruiters are Apple, Airbus, and Google. IIT Kharagpur is the only IIT that offers Law courses. The school offers three programs LLB, LLM, and PhD. 

The LLB program of the school is affiliated with the Bar council of India. Several of the faculty members at IIT Kharagpur Law school have international publications. IIT Kharagpur ties up with atomic research centre to support India’s indigenous nuclear program.

Fastest and unlimited DC++. A software that allows sharing of files over LAN. 

You can find anything here. Books, Question Papers, Software’s, Games, Movies, TV Series etc. Such is the power of DC++. People even say it’s the best here, out of all IITs. There are no download limits too as is in some of the other IITs. Admins share data in Terabytes and you can even request them to download anything you want. I have myself witnessed the best download speed of 80MB/sec. here.

IIT Kharagpur has a unique way of celebrating Diwali. Our college has 20 hostels (14 boys and 6 girls) and each hostel participates in a competition in which students portray a scene/message using Diya. Students also make Rangolis as a part of the competition. 

Simply put, it’s like celebrating birthdays of halls. Students of their halls invite and serve their friends – both boys and girls different food items (and drinks too). These are the only days in which boys are allowed in a girls’ hostel and vice versa. The halls are decorated, food stalls are set up, DJ is installed etc.

Mess Food. It has improved since I joined as freshmen. With the fact that North Indians find it very hard to eat at IITM and IITG, I am fairly satisfied in what I am bestowed with. Also, our mess serves 4 (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner) times a day and not every IIT does that.

Canteen. 20 hostels (14 boys, 6 girls). Each hostel has its own canteen which runs till roughly 3-4 AM everyday. Some halls even have a special dish of their own.

College Fests. Spring Fest – Cultural Fest of IIT Kharagpur which is the biggest festival in eastern India.

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Indian institute of Technology, Delhi:

It is 5th top most college in India. IIT Delhi is one of the 23 IITs created to be centres of Excellence for training, research and development in science, engineering and technology in India. Established as college of Engineering in 1961, the institute was later declared as an institution of National importance under the Institutes of Technology Act, 1963 and was renamed as Indian institute of technology Delhi. 

It was then accorded the status of a deemed university with powers to decide its own academic policy, to conduct to its own examinations, and to award its own degrees. Coming to academic life moderate schedule with around 5-15 lectures per week frequency of exams and tests and college culture students support services and designated teachers’ reps are present. 

And campus life with multiple sports grounds and coaching present and mess food variety of food is good, Mess and cooking arrangements are Hygienic, quality and taste of food is acceptable. The labs and classrooms are well equipped with all the required equipment; also, the new lecture hall complex built recently in IIT Delhi is pretty decent. 

The condition of hostel rooms is not good, but food quality in the canteen is very good and hygienic which can be eaten by anyone and the placements offered during IIT Delhi highest package stood at 4 crores per annum and average package stood at INR 16 LPA. IIT Delhi is considered the best institute in all over India the reason is highly placements records.


The best part of the campus life at IIT Delhi is its proximity to some renowned university and B-school such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, Fore School of Management and Indian Institute of Foreign Trades (IIFT) Delhi. 

As you embrace and become a part of the campus life at IIT Delhi, you will realize you have landed in the land of opportunities where it is up to you to make the most of it.

If you want to be a dancer, you will have dancers to train you. If you want to be musician, you will get every musical instrument here. You will get a DSLR if you want to do photography.


Want to be a coder, a robotics guy, or want to do something else, you will have everything available. It’s all about the interest and enthusiasm. The IIT-Delhi will have everything, provided you use them wisely. 

The campus, its people and the exhaustive lifestyle with almost no sleep will grow on you. You will be used to the grilling sessions, brainstorming discussions and the never-ending assignments/ projects saga. Through all this, you will also be lucky enough to form some of the most memorable friendships that you can talk about for ages.


The initial months may be intimidating at first, but trust me once you get the campus life at IIT Delhi under control, you will look back and smile at the apprehensions you had initially. Being one of the highest-ranking institutes in India, IIT Delhi offers a plethora of opportunities to interact and learn from professors involved in various fields of academics that not only widens your perspective but knowledge base as well. 

During your MBA stint at IIT Delhi, you will be lucky enough to learn from international faculty from universities like the University of Southern California, University of Texas, University of Pittsburgh, USA and Strayer University, USA.


All the facilities are available in our college like Wi-Fi, labs, classrooms, a library, medical facilities, sports and games, etc., but all of them are up to the mark Hostel facility is good, and the food served in the hostel is also good The course structure is student friendly which provides the students to explore their course each semester. 

All the teachers here are highly qualified in their own subject, and they are aware of the students’ study and syllabus and the placements at JNU is highest package in INR 21LPA and the average package in INR 8 LPA and why we have to choose is the university is known for leading faculties and research emphasis on social sciences and applied sciences.

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Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi:

It is the 6th top most college in India. Very good University in India. Of course, it can’t be compared with any foreign University particularly in the West due to several lagging factors which are typically Indian in nature. 

Only Indians get understand such as hygiene, sanitation, campus beautification, pollution, ecological awareness and related actions to conserve, infrastructure development, etc. But they are only one side of the coin. I will tell you the other side which is comparatively better academic performance especially in Humanities. Sociology, Political Science, International Studies, Law, History and Philosophy.



Though Jawaharlal school is new but the University is giving all its efforts to share our school like those of Social Sciences. The classroom and labs are located inside School of Computer and System Sciences since the School of Engineering building is not ready as of yet. But the theory classes take place at JNU Convention Centre which is reserved for international seminars and conferences. So, you would be enjoying an A-rated AC Lecture Hall. Our computer lab is presently having about 28–30 Computers (Intel i7 8th Generation).



Regarding the hostel and mess facilities hostelers would comment that they have been offered furnished rooms since all the rooms were renovated just before their arrival. They have regular sweeping and cleanliness. Their hostel comprises of a gym, badminton, and table tennis court. It’s a co-ed hostel presently. Mess food might not be the best but it’s okayish similar to other hostels.



The students have got a tight schedule with only 17 holidays in a year apart from semester breaks. Their classes start at 9AM and ends at 5PM. On some days it ends at 6PM while on Saturday it is a half day. Professors are all PhDs in their respective fields. Maximum teachers are friendly and clear our basics very well.


The students would like to emphasize on the so-called Political Influence in the University. Yes, there exists politics in the University but they are not forced to take part in it. 

It completely depends on oneself whether to be active in politics or not. But yes, whosoever is willing to join this University, they would say not to fear about politics. If you want to stand away from it definitely you can. 

Their class is located approximately 2km from our hostel but we go to our classes through cycles and E-Rickshaw. Soon shared bicycle facility will be introduced.

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Indian institute of technology, Kanpur:

It is the 7th top college in India. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, established in 1959, is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. 

The aim of the Institute is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation. Coming to academic life moderate schedule with around 5-15 lectures per week and frequency of exams and tests and answers are application based; have to study round the year to score. 

And college culture will be good most of the students are from outside state and designated teachers and students’ reps are present and campus life like multiple sports grounds and coaching present and college events moderately busy calendar with 1-3 monthly events there are mess and canteen in every hostel where food facilities are very good. 

There are excellent infrastructure and facilities here, which include very high-speed Wi-Fi, a world-class library and top-notch classrooms. All the quizzes, assignments, general discussions, conduction of interesting labs every week and of the end semester examination helps in learning a lot. 

Teachers in our college are very helpful, highly qualified and PhD holders from foreign universities. And placements Top recruiters are Microsoft, Oracle, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Ola,

Morgan, Stanley, JPMC SDE, Grow, and SRID. Internships provided are very good at IITK as every student who tries for internships get them in some good firms and companies. And highest package is stood at INR 1.9 crore and average package is INR 33.53 LPA.


While the campus is lush, you will find lack of ‘greenery’. You come to know about legendary people who exist on campus and the vast array of activities this campus has to offer. You may think in the first impression that the mess food is great, but 3 years here and now I can’t almost stand it. 

FYI, many surveys show that IITK offers the best mess food there is amongst the IITs but don’t trust that statement blindly. We can frequently find myself eating in canteens up late till 2 AM or in the OAT shops till 4 AM. OAT is the Open-Air Theatre and is one of the many infrastructural beauties of IIT Kanpur. 

Only recently, the newest lecture halls were inaugurated and their size and futuristic classroom equipment is state of the art. Not to forget, the Air Strip, National Wind Tunnel Facility, PK Kelkar Library, New SAC, Hall 12 and 13 (the most recently developed hostels), Taren Taal (Olympic size swimming pool), International Standard Sports’ Grounds, SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, IME Department, and world class research labs like the SAMTEL centre, 4i Lab, Tinkering Lab etc. are just few of the places which demonstrate the kind of facilities IITK offers to the campus community.

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It is the 8th top most college in India and IIT Guwahati is a public technical university established by the government of India, located in Amingaon area, North Guwahati city, in the state of Assam in India. 

It is the sixth Indian institute of technology established in India Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati or IIT Guwahati is the sixth IIT established by the Government of India in 1994. Located on the banks of the river Brahmaputra in Guwahati, Assam, IIT Guwahati is home to the first research park in North East India. 

Ranked 41 in the ‘Research Citations per Faculty’ category by QS World University Rankings 2022, IIT Guwahati holds the status of Institute of Importance like other IITs.The institute has faculty of 412 for a total of 52 UG, PG and Doctoral courses across 11 departments. IIT Guwahati ranks 7 and 8 under the ‘Engineering’ and ‘Overall’ categories by the NIRF 2022 Rankings. 

IT Guwahati is one of the premier institutes of the country, known mostly for the mesmerising campus. What you get here is a wonderful atmosphere, an environment that can be moulded according to your desires. 

Whilst on one side, you can be a die-hard academic, and lose yourself in the plethora of books we have in the wonderful library of ours, or you can also develop other abilities of yours, with our mildly active clubs-robotics, coding, or any technical or cultural clubs. 

In terms of academics, the institute has changed quite a bit in my years here. It has grown strict and unforgiving, which can work wonderfully as it keeps you on a leash, but at the same time, restricts your freedom. Studies depend mostly on you. 

The professors will deliver their lectures and go on. To develop yourself is your responsibility. Overall, experience here has been worth a lifetime, life is enjoyable and I believe I could explore all avenues I wanted to. Academically too, I have not done too badly. So yeah, IIT Guwahati is a great place to spend the 4 years of your undergraduate years in. However, my branch is Design, which brings us to the next part.




a. Hostels: The freshers’ hostel has got each room shared by three guys. More importantly there are only 2 wall-wardrobes, 2 study tables and 2 LAN slots for each room per three people. I doubt whether they give a bed to the third one or not lol.


b. Classrooms: Expecting air-conditioned classes? There are not even ducts. Also, only a few classrooms have been setup for projector teaching.


c. Labs: Computer Science labs are most probably air-conditioned.


d. Auditorium: Although unimportant but IIT doesn’t have any auditorium of its own, it uses that of the university (BHU) for any of its ceremonies.


Healthcare facilities- I have heard that 2 students lost their precious lives in the previous session only because of the carelessness of IIT BHU healthcare centre.


Indian institute of technology Roorkee:

It is the 9th top most college in India. To attain global level of excellence in education and to create a sustainable and equitable society through innovative research in science and technology. 

To create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals, who shall contribute to the growth of Science and Technology in partnership with industry and develop and harness it for the welfare of the nation and mankind. 

Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee is among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research. Since its establishment, the Institute has played a vital role in providing the technical manpower and know-how to the country and in pursuit of research. 

The Institute ranks amongst the best technological institutions in the world and has contributed to all sectors of technological development. It has also been considered a trend-setter in the area of education and research in the field of science, technology, and engineering. The Institute admits students to Batch. And B.Arch. courses through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted at various centres all over India. 

Coming to academic life relatively hectic with more than 15 lectures per week and frequency of exams and can score studying just before the exams and college culture will be majorities students from outside state and designated teachers reps are present and campus life multiple sports grounds and coaching presents and moderately busy calendar  with 13 monthly events . 

It has a huge library, a well-equipped sports complex, good residential hostels and lecture halls. The facilities in hostel are nice, there’s gym, computer room, study room, stationary, and canteen (day and night both) except the food is sometimes not that good of the mess. Faculty members are highly knowledgeable and also have high teaching skills. 

The course structure is designed in such a way that the student would learn many things without his/her time being wasted. And Top recruiting companies like Adobe, Qualcomm, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, Flip kart, Microsoft, Intel, Wipro, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Amazon, Tower Research Capitals, and JP Morgan visit the campus for recruitment. 

The placement or the internships offered are the secondary things as the important thing is that how you gain the competitive and the learning environment of the college. And coming to placements the highest package is stood at INR 1.06 crore per annum and average package stood at INR 20 LPA.

The ultimate success of an institution should be judged by the final outcome it produces. To elucidate the point, consider the following examples. An institution may have greater financial resources yet lesser patents, maybe spread over greater geographical area but have lower quality of ambience etc. Finally 

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Banaras Hindu university:

It is the 10th most top college in India. This creative and innovative university was founded by the great nationalist leader, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, in 1916 with cooperation of great personalities like Dr.Anni Besant, who viewed it as the university in India. 

Banaras Hindu University was created under the parliamentary legislation B.H.U. Act 1915 with over 30,000 students, and 18,000 residing on campus, BHU is the largest residential university in Asia. The university is one of the eight public institutions declared as an Institute of Eminence by the Government of India. 

BHU has often been referred by different name throughout the history and present. BHU is organized into six institutes, 10 faculties and about 140 departments. As of 2020, the total student enrolment at the university is 60,698 coming from 48 countries. 

Coming to academic life moderate schedule with around 5-15 lectures per week and frequency of exams and tests and college culture will be designated teachers and reps are present and campus life will be multiple sports grounds and coaching present and college events moderately busy calendar with 1-3 monthly events and infrastructure Library is available in every department, and we also have a central library which is huge and you can find a large collection of books there Medical facilities for students is great and there is separate grounds for every faculty and also gym for the students of BHU!. 

There is good quality of hostel with very tasty food available in mess and canteen. The college has good infrastructure, well-developed classrooms, parking, library, seminar hall, placement cell, startup cell, q&p hall, auditorium, etc and the semester exams are not very tough, but one has to study well to get good marks. Faculty members are excellent, well qualified, helpful and have deep knowledge of their subjects.

The course curriculum is good and makes students ready for their particular field. And placements Companies like HI care, Pioneer, HDFC Banks, Paras, Aries, Patanjali, Geo life, Advent and DSCL have recruited many graduates from the institute. The placements in this college is excellent, a huge number of students got placed in various companies.  

And highest package is stood at INR 2.02 crore per annum and average package stood at about INR 25 LPA. And BHU offers better research facilities, especially for science courses. And it is one of the best universities in the country.

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