Best Online Typing Jobs || PartTime Jobs At Home In Telugu || No Investment || Typing Jobs Telugu

Best Online Typing Jobs || PartTime Jobs At Home In Telugu || No Investment || Typing Jobs Telugu

1. Transcription Panda


We are a young (and growing) company.

We provide high quality transcription and translation services to a variety of institutions and individuals. Founded in 2016 and based in California, we work with a growing list of 1000+ customers in 5+ countries.

Our transcription process is based on the highest quality standards.

Our transcription process is built around consistently delivering high quality transcripts to our clients. We hire talented transcriptionists, uphold high internal quality standards, and have each transcript reviewed by our experienced team prior to delivery. 

Many clients are surprised to learn we do not use speech-recognition software. High quality transcription requires an understanding of the nuances of language and the context in which it is spoken. That is why all of our transcripts are human-generated and human-reviewed. 

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We provide high-quality audio and video transcription and translation services to universities, corporations, hospitals, non-profits, media companies, law offices, individuals, and municipalities.

Audio transcription is the process of converting audible content into written text. All transcripts are typed by our in-house, experienced team and delivered in Microsoft Word format. Our transcription process is 100% human-based and involves multiple levels of quality checks to ensure best-in-class accuracy.

All orders are placed online, and transcripts are delivered via email or via upload to your online account. We accept all audio and video file formats, including MP3, M4A, WMV, AIF, AMR, WMA, OGG, WAV, and DSS. We also accept links to any web page that has audio you need transcribed such as YouTube or Vimeo. 


We pledge 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will provide you with an immediate refund.


With 98-100% accuracy, our transcription services are best-in-class.


We believe in up-front, transparent pricing. No hidden fees. No extra costs.


Our standard turnaround time is 2 business days. Need the file sooner? No problem. We also offer expedited delivery if you’re in a pinch.


We stay true to our small-business roots. Big enough to handle really large projects; not too big to give each customer attention.


All files are treated as highly confidential and stored on our private, encrypted server.

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2. Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition service that makes it easy to add speech to text capabilities to any application. Transcribe’s features enable you to ingest audio input, produce easy to read and review transcripts, improve accuracy with customization, and filter content to ensure customer privacy.

Transcribe is designed to process live and recorded audio or video input to provide high quality transcriptions for search and analysis. We also offer separate APIs that uniquely understand customer calls (Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics) and medical conversations (Amazon Transcribe Medical).

Streaming & batch transcription

You can process your existing audio recordings or stream the audio for real-time transcription. Using a secure connection, you can send a live audio stream to the service, and receive a stream of text in response.

Audio inputs

Domain-specific models

Select a model that is tuned to telephone calls or multimedia video content. For example, Transcribe adapts to low-fidelity phone audio common in contact centers.

Automatic language identification

With Amazon Transcribe, you can automatically identify the dominant language in an audio file and generate transcriptions. This is useful when your media library contains audio files in different languages. You can also use this feature for media content classification and verify that the main spoken language in your videos and podcasts is correctly labeled.

Get insights from customer conversations

With Transcribe Call Analytics, quickly extract actionable insights from customer conversations. AWS Contact Center Intelligence partners and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offer turnkey solutions to improve customer engagement, increase agent productivity, and surface quality management alerts to supervisors.

Easy to read transcripts

Amazon Transcribe enables you produce accurate transcripts that are easy to read, review, and integrate into your specific applications. We work to make the output ready for downstream activities such as call transcript analysis, subtitling, and content search

Timestamp generation

Amazon Transcribe returns a timestamp for each word, so that you can easily find a word or phrase in the original recording or add subtitles to video.

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Recognize multiple speakers

Speaker changes are automatically recognized and attributed in the text to capture scenarios like telephone calls, meetings, and television shows accurately. To learn more about speaker identification.

Channel identification

Contact centers can submit a single audio file to Amazon Transcribe, and the service will identify produce a single transcript annotated by channel labels automatically.

Search and analyze media content

Content producers and media distributors can use Amazon Transcribe to automatically convert audio and video assets into fully searchable archives for content discovery, highlight generation, content moderation, and monetization.

Create subtitles and meeting notes

Subtitle your on-demand and broadcast content to increase accessibility and improve customer experience. Use Amazon Transcribe to boost productivity and accurately capture the meetings and conversations that matter to you.

Improve clinical documentation

Medical doctors and practitioners can use Amazon Transcribe Medical to quickly and efficiently document clinical conversations into electronic health record (EHR) systems for analysis. The service is HIPAA- eligible and trained to understand medical terminology.

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3. Rev Freelance – Jobs Let You Work from Anywhere

Earn money transcribing, captioning, or subtitling from anywhere, anytime

Freelance jobs that let you earn money while working anywhere you want

Rev’s mission is to give people more power to work from anywhere thanks to great jobs powered by AI. Revvers work from all over the world using their freelance income to help fulfill a wide range of personal goals. Over 60,000 Revvers transcribe and caption millions of minutes of audio and video for companies like Google, Buzzfeed, NBC, and Amazon.

There’s no need for online jobs to restrict you to a particular location. Rev brings the best of freelancing jobs to the online workplace.

In 2010, five MIT classmates shared a dream: to build a marketplace where skilled freelancers could connect with customers in need of fast, affordable services no matter where either were located. On our mission to bring this vision to life, we tried offering every service from certified translations to math homework help.

Eventually, we discovered our home in the world of speech-to-text. 

Staying true to our mission to create great, work-anywhere jobs, Rev has climbed to become the #1 speech-to-text service in the world. By combining our network of 72,000+ (and growing) amazing freelancers with the world’s most accurate speech recognition AI, we’re able to deliver our services at an unprecedented scale—while creating more jobs every day.  

It’s that combination of AI and people that makes Rev’s speech-to-text offerings both exceptionally distinct and absolutely unbeatable in terms of quality and scale. When businesses and individuals need the most reliable captions, subtitles, or transcripts at lightning speed, they count on Rev.

Rev is the #1 speech-to-text service in the world.

Create a flexible work schedule

Our freelancing jobs allow you to work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want.

Choose from hundreds of jobs

Enjoy selecting from a variety of projects that actually interest you. Our vast network of customers means a steady stream of freelancing jobs to choose from.

Get paid weekly

Receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work completed. Rev is on-time and dependable.


  • Listen to audio and video
  • Accurately type what is being said
  • Label speakers
  • Range of pay $0.30-$1.10 Per audio/video minute


  • Watch video
  • Accurately type what is being said
  • Creatively convey sounds
  • Sync typed audio with video
  • Range of pay $0.54-$1.10 Per audio/video minute

On any given day, there are hundreds of projects for Revvers to preview, claim, and complete for extra income. And there’s no limit to the number of projects you can claim. Rev customers submit millions of minutes of audio-video to be transcribed and captioned each month.

If you’re a quick typist and enjoy the chance to learn new things as you work, working from home as a freelance transcriptionist, captioner, or subtitle translator could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Once you demonstrate that you meet our transcriptionist and captioner requirements, you can sign up and start earning money on the Rev platform within a few days.

Rev is always looking to bring talented people with positive energy onto our team. Every day we strive to create new jobs and improve accessibility—sound like something you could get on board with?

Start making money in three easy steps

  • Take a quick quiz to demonstrate your English language and grammar skills.
  • Submit a transcription or caption sample, which will be reviewed to ensure it meets customer quality expectations
  • If you are approved, you’ll be able to register and start earning right away.

Aside from the extra income paid out weekly via PayPal, the best part of freelancing jobs with Rev is the flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you’d like, from wherever you please. A wide range of people, from stay-at-home moms to college students and retirees, work from home with Rev. Learn more about what a few current Revvers have to say about their flexible work schedules and extra income.

If you’re a talented typist looking to make some extra money with a freelancing job online, sign up today to become a Revver. Our platform makes it easy to take on transcription and caption jobs from a large network of customers. There’s zero cost to get started, all you need are strong English skills, a computer, and a reliable Internet connection.

Engineering and Product driven

Our business is driven by a focus on product and engineering. Our team combines technical know-how with business smarts to deliver useful applications and tools.


Rev exists to serve our users: the customers of our services and the freelancers providing them. Without their support and affection, we couldn’t ship a single line of code.

Freedom and flexibility

Stay at home, come in to the office, or work from your favorite coffee shop-we give our team the autonomy and tools needed for success.

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