Fi Money Bank Account Opening – Best zero balance bank account with video KYC | FREE VISA Debit Card

Fi Money Bank Account Opening – Best zero balance bank account with video KYC | FREE VISA Debit Card

Fi is a money management app for the working professionals of today, with an in-built savings account. It comes with a smart, zero balance savings account and features that help you get better with your money

Let us know, why we consider the FI-MONEY banking service.,Here are the few points  which we can ealisy excite to open ZERO BALANCE BANK ACCOUNT in Fi-Money Bank.., Fi Money Loot – Open ₹0 Account & Get Upto ₹1000 Cashback.

Fi is a money management platform that re-imagines the banking experience in India. The Fi account, in partnership with Federal Bank, is a digital bank account that gives you the fastest way to open a bank account online. & in easy manner. 

You can do everything from the Fi App, including p2p payments, fund transfers, bill payments, and more, with features to automate every action. You also get a Fi Debit card, spends insights and tools to grow your investment and earn rewards…

It’s an exciting alternative to complex traditional banking.

1) Money insured upto ₹5 lakh✨

2) No minimum balance🤘🏽

3) Zero forex markup 📈

4) No hidden fees ⚖️

5) Withdraw from any ATM 💳

6)24/7 Friendly customer support ☎️

7)Many shopping offers

8)Gives Referralm amount

9)Exciting Gifts & Offers 

10)More Fun & You also get rewarded for saving

Open Fi Savings Account online in under 15 Min! Use Fi’s  cool features to get better with your money — track your expenses, organize your funds, maximize your savings & automate payments. It provides everything from hassle-free UPI Payments to a sleek VISA Debit Card with zero forex charges. 

Fi-Money is easy to organize many spot specifications & which it was  Powered by cutting-edge tech, Fi helps you know your money, grow your money & organise 

Fi is a one-stop financial services app that comes with an in-built no-minimum-balance savings account! Some prefer calling it a ‘neobank’.  We simply want to make life easy.

Get rewarded for saving money

Introducing FIT Rules: Set fun rules that automatically save for you.

The world rewards you for spending money; Fi rewards you for saving.

Use Fi regularly to make smart financial decisions – and earn rewards.

Besides curated offers, expect hyper- personalized rewards.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with Fi, you’ll discover the joy of growing ‘Money-Plants’.


Our RBI-governed partner bank hosts every Fi Savings Bank Account and Visa Debit Card.

By developing software of e-mobile App, they Falicitate esy to understand every transaction to Any UPI ID.

The funds in your account remain insured up to ₹5 lakh as per the Deposit Insurance Scheme.

Fi Secure also gives you state-of-the-art internet security for your money and your data.

The Fi-Money always Monitors your previous & Present Statemant of Transaction 


Smart Deposit:-  Easily Transfer Money from one account to another Bank without any priorities, by only following simple process you make an easy Transaction.

Instant money transfers:- By simply Transferring money from one to another ,without taking/making any charges.

By set-upping the Bank account in the mobile, the process involves to create BHIM-UPI ID .It was an easy way to Transact money.


No hidden fee’s , For all the details on what’s free and what isn’t, here’s a breakdown of our fees . Fi has reimagined conventional banking’s infrastructure for the digital-first generation. 

Since we have  FEW ONLY physical branches, Fi can reduce banking charges drastically or waive off specific fees entirely. No hidden fee’s., Swift money transfers: Hassle-free; zero transaction charges. 


=>  Get all your personal finance questions answered by Ask Fi, your intuitive finance. 

=> Gain daily, weekly and monthly insights into your spends; judgement-free .

=>  Fi’s Smart Statements tell you just what you need to know, in language of English or which you are comfort to Translate it.

=>  Fi encourages you to build better money habits .

=> Make sense of your money instantly.

=> Fi-Money has thoughtful and non-intrusive nudges , which we need take intrest about the service of Banking sector.

Fi-Money Motive

Fi-Money banking service always contacts the customer in plain/simply English Language, in which we can able to understand their working Sense.

Fi-Money involves Smarter service & In easy manner.

No Hidden charges, easy-Pleasy. 

No need to visit any of your near branches , it has not allowed any Paper work.

Customer satisfaction is more growth of the Company.

Never Missuse the Data of customer Details ,which they provided before the sign-up to Bank service.


No need of PAN card (CDSL)  to open these Bank service.

Easiest way to complete E-KYC in just lessthan  5 Minutes.

By using your private social media website link, They can Activate your bank startup .

Which you Active in that Social media Accounts.

Hassles payments in all types of Transactions.

Some related Questions, which we can solve It,

1. Who is eligible?

      We’re currently open only to Working Professionals who is Residential In India.

2. What interest do I earn on my savings account balances?

         2.5% is the interest rate for Fi Savings Accounts.

Heads up! All banks change these rates (once in a while) based on market conditions, etc.

3.Is there a minimum balance in fi ,money bank account?

  No need ay Monthly Balance . But if you want to experience what Fi has to truly offer:

Consider transacting/saving/depositing at least ₹20,000 every month.

4. Can we trust on fi money saving account?

   Fi partners with the best to secure your money. Your money is always safe with our banking partner, Federal Bank and your money is insured upto ₹5 lakh as per the RBI’s insurance deposit scheme.

5. Payments – NEFT, RTGS Online

      Fee-free transactions!   We’re digital – of course, we love online transfers.

6. Payments – UPI / IMPS

      Banking made smarter, not harder. Swift money transfers: Hassle-free; zero transaction charges. 

7. FI Money Visa Platinum Debit Card charges

      On opening a Fi Savings Account, each user will receive a free VISA Platinum Debit Card. No issuance fees. Zero annual card maintenance charges.

So, for a complete breakdown, head here.

8. FI money Account Maintenance

   0️ fees, Nothing.

9. First Debit Card Replacement

    Lost your first-ever Fi Visa Debit Card? No worries.

We’ll send you a new one., to your Residential Address.

10. ATM Transactions in FI money bank account

Love the feeling of having cash in your wallet? We hear you. Use your Fi Visa Debit Card at any ATM in India. Withdrawals from any Federal Bank ATM are free.

At other ATMs = 5 free transactions every month. After that ., it’s 20/- charges on the usage of other ATM service.

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