Best $270/Day & $6700/Month? Non-Phone Work-From-Home Job No Experience Jobs that you can join Immediately 2022

$270/Day Non-Phone Work-From-Home Job No Experience Hiring Immediately 2022

Here’s a non-phone work-from-home job paying around $270/day with no experience required.

It’s the Customer Support Specialist position at Know Your Team.

Know Your Team is a software that helps managers become better leaders. Use our tool to hold effective one-on-one meetings, get honest feedback, share progress, and build team rapport.

What You’ll Do:

You’ll be responsible for managing and replying to all incoming customer support inquiries during KYT business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM – 5PM PT across all our channels (Help Scout, Intercom, social media) in an empathetic, friendly way. 

Right now, it’s the amazing Jenna Chaplin who is running Customer Support – but her exceptional talents fit better with Customer Success, and so you’ll have to opportunity to replace her, which we’ll be genuinely grateful for.

You’ll take on technical support requests, triage tasks to our Engineering Team, dive-in to troubleshoot and do QA with the customer, and even directly debug issues in the console. You’ll acquire deep product knowledge about KYT and problem-solve when customers run into technical issues or confusion about using a certain part of our product.

You’ll identify the customers who need our help – the ones who are stuck or don’t know how to get started – and proactively reach out to them to lend a hand. You’ll share best practices, offer helpful tips, and give them encouragement on their path to becoming a better manager.

You’ll be the eyes, ears, and heart of the customer – sharing insights and desires gleaned from customer interactions with the rest of the KYT so our product and offerings can be better for our managers.

You’ll own, write, update, and improve all our customer support documentation, including our Help Docs and internal documentation around customer support.

Over time, as you grow more comfortable with the role and the product, you’ll run demo tours for prospective and current customers, improve our onboarding flow to enable greater customer success, and strategize + execute cross-functional projects that help improve the overall KYT customer experience.


The full-time salary for this role is $70,000 USD, with health benefits, and unlimited vacation.


You’re an impeccable, clear writer. Fluent in writing and speaking English is a must. You distill complex concepts into simple phrasing and get-to-the-point quickly and thoughtfully. 

You communicate warmth and friendliness in your words. It doesn’t matter what you’ve studied (or if you graduated from school at all): You’ve honed your craft of writing over the years, in your own way. 

You believe the best writing is not what you intend to say, but in fact, how it comes across to the other person.

You’re a problem-solver at heart, who excels in tackling detailed + technical challenges. To you, there’s no greater thrill than helping someone else make progress toward an outcome they care about. 

You consider yourself tech-savvy and innately inquisitive. You relish learning new technologies and new skills, and typically you’re always tinkering with something. 

You even might know some basic HTML/CSS (or even basic Ruby) or have used console tools in the past to help run pre-written scripts – but totally fine if not, too! 

Either way, it’s highly probable that you’re “that one friend” all your friends go to when they can’t get their computer to reboot properly or need a recommendation on “an app for X”. You are curious and persistent to find a solution and creative in how you approach a problem.

You’re empathetic (perhaps to a fault, at times!). Your day is made when you can make another person smile – be the Amazon delivery guy at your doorstep or your kid’s school teacher via Zoom. 

Even when the world feels like it’s falling apart (oof, does it feel like that more than ever!), you maintain a cheery orientation and choose to see the good in people. In previous work environments, co-workers likely have marveled and how upbeat and calm you remain when others around you feel downtrodden and overwhelmed.

Most importantly, you believe in the vision of Know Your Team. You’ve personally felt the pain of having a bad manager (or two) before. Or you’ve personally struggled to find an effective learning path to become a better leader, yourself. Either way, you’re passionate about what Know Your Team stands for, and how we can help as many managers become better leaders.

Here are more details about the job:

Know Your Team jobs page

Visit the official website “Click Here

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$6700/Month? No Phone No Experience Free Laptop Flexible Hours Work-From-Home Job 2022

Here’s a work-from-home job paying up to $6700/month with no phone or experience required, plus a free laptop and flexible hours.

It’s the Technical Support Engineer position at Defiant.

Defiant is a global leader in WordPress security, protecting over 4 million websites.

What You’ll Do:

Provide Premium and free technical support to our customers through email and forum posts. We do not offer phone support.

Patiently work through the resolution of support emails and questions. This involves flexibility in both customer care and incident management.

Provide timely, accurate and courteous support to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Acquire and maintain an excellent technical understanding of Wordfence and other Defiant products.

Identify support trends by gathering and sharing information with coworkers.

Proactively and reactively create and curate support documentation.

Appropriately escalate complex situations.

Sympathize with our customers and promote our company value of providing excellent customer support.


Full time salary of $50,000 to $80,000, depending on experience.

Full time telecommuting and flexible working hours, with a company that has been 100% remote for over 8 years.

100% employee premium and 50% of dependent premium paid by company for premier- level medical, dental, and vision insurance.

21 days PTO per year to start.

Approximately 11 paid company holidays including the week from December 25 to January 1.

401(k) with a 4% Safe Harbor company match that is 100% vested immediately.

Latest in laptop and workstation technology.

Wellness reimbursement program for health and fitness purchases.

Mobile phone and internet reimbursement up to $100 per month.

Monthly beverage reimbursement for coffee, tea, water, etc.

Paid training and study time for work-related training and certifications.

College tuition and Student Loan reimbursement.

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The ability to speak and write fluently in English.

A good understanding of WordPress as a CMS and PHP application.

General knowledge of Internet protocols, web tools, programming languages and security infrastructures.

Excellent analytical ability and problem-solving skills.

Problem solving and critical thinking. Ability to perform advanced troubleshooting and guide customers through the same. Ability to search information and evaluate it independently, or present hypotheses to coworkers for input.

On screen multitasking. You will be working in several different interfaces at once and must be able to effectively answer customers and communicate with coworkers over the course of the day.

A fast and reliable internet connection.

About You:

Willing to grab whatever task is required of you and run with it. This may include work outside of your core tasks. We are a small team, and everyone needs to pitch in.

Highly productive and able to function well independently.

Comfortable working remotely and interfacing with other team members using Slack and other remote tools.

An excellent communicator in written and verbal English.

An outstanding teammate: self-directed and able to collaborate easily, knowing when to ask for help and how to give and receive feedback.

Nimble, able to come up with creative solutions, and mature in your approach to solving challenging problems.

Enthusiastic and able to see opportunity when problems arise.

Empathetic and patient: some of our customers have experienced hacked sites. You should be able to comfort customers and de-escalate stressful situations.

Here are more details about the job:

Latest Defiant jobs page

Glassdoor Employee reviews

Visit the official website “Click Here

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