Top online business ideas without investment you should start now 2021

As the cost of living is increasing on a daily basis in many areas, many of us are looking for a side income or gig for quick cash. And many people are looking into venturing into their business but nowadays the best way to make extra money according to many financial gurus and planners is by opening an online business right now without any or minimal investment. 

Why you should wait when there are top online business ideas without investment you should start now 

You should be asking yourself, why should start an online business anyway. You might be having many doubts regarding how hard it would be to set up an online business and promote it. And there is always a concern what if the online business doesn’t turn out a profit.

Therefore let me tell you a top online business idea so that you can start an online business.

Benefits of starting an online business 

Most people before starting an online business don’t have sufficient knowledge about using the internet, website, social media, and other online market places among others. 
Actually, anyone with working knowledge of the Internet, social media, and websites can start an online business without any investment. Because it has several benefits like the following:
  • Online business can be started without renting any place in the comfort of your home.
  • There are no working hours as you can work round the clock.
  • Marketing of an online business is very less compared to offline business.
  • You can get a wide range of customers around the world with online business 
  • You can easily make money online instantly with an online business.
If you are excited enough you’re ready to launch an online business start now. Therefore here is the top online business idea without investment you should start now. Here are the top low investment business ideas for small towns

Online business you should start now

These are some of the most well-sorted lists of top business ideas without an investment that you can start now and become an entrepreneur.

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the top online business ideas that you can start even now, it has a lot of scope for growth. There are two ways. One is by opening a free blog on blogger or in And the other is by investing a small amount of money by buying a small amount of money in the domain and hosting. Writing what you are passionate about is the key here for success.
Once you get certain regular visitors for your blog you can apply for Google Adsense to get paid by publishers for displaying ads on your blog. You will also get paid posts for advertisers and you can also start affiliate marketing for retailers from this online business to earn extra income by working form home.

2. Online Marketplace

You can easily set up an online marketplace for less than 15 minutes and start making money from the commissions. This is one of the top business ideas that I would suggest for anyone who is willing to start their journey in online business, 

It is possible to sell anything from your marketplace but only legal items you are allowed to be sold online. And if you are able to do handicraft items such as paintings, toys, or even custom jewelery. There is always a demand for such kinda stuff online. 

For Example, Facebook is a free marketplace that many buyers and sellers use to buy or sell stuff or you can start a paid online portal like It’s possible to try an online marketplace without paying anything for about a week.

And sometimes, a fortnight to get the idea of sales that can happen. handmade goods, check out because they cater to people that look for very exquisite and unique stuff.

3. Online Tutoring / Coaching 

Several people have become millionaires through online tutoring like for example Unacademy or Byjus who have started by online tutoring and now have become unicorns. In fact, the online tutoring and Education market are growing at a whopping 16 percent year on year. 

There’re projections this trend will continue till 2022 and grow much faster later. Currently, the online tutoring industry stands at $112 billion while some claim it’s worth a higher as per reports by Bloomberg.

There are several platforms where you can start an online tutoring classroom for free like youtube or Unacademy. You can teach subjects in English to get a wider audience and subjects like English, Maths, Science, History and other Aptitude related to jobs interviews can help you exceed faster.

4. Consultancy Services 

Consultancy services are one of the best online business without any investment that you can start now if you have good knowledge of Law or Investing.  Legal and financial consultants make a lot of money online by providing advice on issues pertaining to court cases and investments. 

There’s also a huge demand for medical and dental consultancy, business development consultancy, and lots of other special fields that you can choose from. You can also start a consultancy service regarding Advertising as there is a huge demand for digital marketing these days.

All you need is a Good Website or Register yourself with a website that caters to specific needs like Fiver, Freelancer, LegalCart, Upwork, and many more to name a few. All you need a Mic and a Video cam with a good internet connection to talk to clients. 

Usually, clients pay upfront online before starting the video or voice chat to avail advice. You can also tie-up with banks and financial institutions to get commissions for providing the customers with various savings and investment schemes by the banks and NBFC’s. 

In Conclusion

Before concluding, I will emphasize that these are Top online business ideas without investment you should start now. And these online business ideas don’t require much investment. However, you would definitely require some special skills in certain fields to get success.