Top 10 Low investment business ideas for India 2021

Find the Top 10 Low investment business ideas for India with less investment and high profits and low investments

Business in India is preparing to grow in multiple areas due to several factors like Investments from Abroad, government stimulus, and an overall strong consumption-driven developing nation.

        With one of the youngest populations in the world, that is raising leadership and technology by driving growth and innovation in various sectors that we will explore today.

Let’s learn more about each of the business ideas with low investments in India in 2020

Mobile Ads Specialist for Business

The number of Mobile phones in India is on an increase and the number of users is greater than many developed countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc. The demand for smartphones is on a rise and continues to rise in India.
This presents a business opportunity for developing mobile advertising for companies that do not have the knowledge or can put in the required resources.

     This idea is to create and specialize in mobile ads for companies so that they can reach potential customers more effectively than the regular print media and Television networks.

This could start out as a low-cost investment with little investment if you have good marketing skills as you don’t need many skills to create mobile ads, but you definitely need good marketing skills to find potential clients. This is one of the easiest ways to earn online from home

TV Ad Specialist Company

       A tv is a great place for many people in India to gather and enjoy their favorite show or cricket, and India is a cricket-loving nation with this popularity comes a business idea to specialize in creating and managing Tv ads.

This would involve creating ads that would go Tv for the company. To this business idea, one needs good persuasion skills, one could start approaching companies that are already running ads on Tv or you can approach competitors who don’t have ads on Tv and they can be your clients.

There is no sign, TV consumption is slowing down in India. Initial setup costs are high for studio space, green screens, cameras, and lights to create the ads you need for the clients.

Website Designer

   This business idea is not new but still has a lot of potentials as many small-scale companies want to set up their business online. This idea doesn’t need any investment to set up but should have knowledge of website designing and computers to execute.

    You can contact small business owners in your locality and convince them to set up a website and explain to them how it will help in boosting their revenue. This you can do easily from home online itself.

Online Conversion Specialist

    There is a huge demand for small and medium businesses to engage with online customers, especially mobile, there are these business ideas that will help these struggling businesses. The main aim of online conversion specialists would involve converting the online traffic generated to sales.

     This is also a very low investment idea that can be easily executed by a computer and knowledge about writing content that would eventually make the website visitors to buyers.

      This idea is different from the website designing idea as this involves working with companies that have established websites and want to convert their existing traffic to sales which will eventually increase their profit.

Online Coaching Classes

       India has a huge young diverse population and Every year there are several competitive exams and board exams that many aspirants give, from the past few years there is a decrease in offline coaching centers.

As more and more people are willing to take classes from the comfort of their home. This creates a huge potential for online coaching classes and we know that education is one of the highly profitable business ideas with very little investment.

You could teach online for free and could earn revenue. This you could do by starting your own youtube channel with literally costs nothing. You can be a part of popular companies like Byju’s, Unacademy, Toppr, etc.

which will give you a platform to teach online and get paid for it. This idea requires teaching skills and with a computer, you can easily work from home and get paid well with flexible timings.

Professional Photography

      In past decades, the spending power of Indians has increased drastically. If you have a passion for photography then this would be a great fit for you. We know how Indian’s spend on weddings, wedding photography is one of the most profitable business these days.

      You can even try wildlife photography and sell your photos on Pixabay or Shutterstock if you are passionate about that. With social media you can easily get advertising for your work and people will contact you for your work for a wide range of occasions not only for marriage.

      Only the initial setup cost of the equipment like cameras, lenses, lightings, are costly but you can get the return of investment in very little time. You can start a page on social media and post your work and slowly that will be the advertisement for your business.

Inventory Management For E-Commerce

     E-commerce is a big thing these days as we all know how Flipkart and Amazon have spread across India and still, there is a huge demand in rural India that they are trying to fulfill, this gives rise to a new business opportunity known as warehouse or inventory management.

     Setting up warehouse or inventory management requires a place to store all the products that need to be shipped to the final consumer.  It does require manpower to supply products but the earnings are high, you can start from a village or rural village and slowly expand.

Wedding Planner   

      Indian weddings are always big. Things related to weddings are always profitable, the wedding season in India provides a big opportunity for all the entrepreneurs who could help in organizing various functional and wedding activities and assignments.

      Wedding planning involves everything from organizing events and managing guests. People who are interested in partying, celebrations and are good at creativity and in managing people can easily start this business.

      There is no investment involved but the earnings are grand. There is no need for any concrete office, just an online presence is required with good advertising skills to attract potential clients. You would require 3 to 9 guys minimum to complete assignments in the given time.

Website to App Conversion Company

      With the rise of smartphones and cheaper data costs, there is a growing demand to convert websites to mobile applications. You can turn your website into an Android or IOS version depending on the coding language you know.

      This is a low investment business providing you to know programming related knowledge, If not you can contact companies that are already providing this service and get the things done.

Disaster Relief Location Finder Mobile App

      As we have discussed earlier with the increase in mobile phones, there is an increase in lots of potential business opportunities. Mobile phones are the things people spend most of the time with even at times of need.

Disaster relief location finder app can use sensors of mobile and detect the signs of disaster, send the location updates to your family. You can add more features based on the requirement.

      Similarly, you can create many apps to tackle different problems, this is a low investment business only the initial set up cost of sensors and testing requires money, you can charge on a subscription basis or use in-app advertisements.