7 profit-making business with low investment for small towns 2021

7 profit-making business with low investment for small towns

Business in India is preparing to grow in multiple areas due to several factors like Investments from NRI’s foreign companies, and government stimulus and an overall strong consumption-driven developing nation.

With one of the youngest populations in the world, that is raising leadership and technology by driving growth and innovation in various sectors that we will explore today. I have compiled these awesome business ideas with low investment and high profits that you can easily start and earn your living.

Wi-fi Installation Company

India is a rapidly developing country and the thirst for data is ever-increasing for higher speeds, the Indian government is spending a lot of time and energy in improving internet speed across India and in rural areas, there is still a huge potential around India to set-up this idea.

This could be a low investment idea as setting up Routers is very cheap, To execute this idea you can approach Mall’s are public places where footfall is high, You can discuss with the owner to set up Wi-Fi hotspot and provide the service for initial data and then charge a sum for every minute they use the service.

Health Record Digitization & Sharing Company

The health sector is the only sector that didn’t transform into the technology revolution until the date. For instance, one person can consult a doctor for a while, then he might switch the doctor due to various reasons this becomes a hassle as he will be starting off a new medical file or finding difficulty in fetching the record from the previous doctor. Basically to find past medical records will be a huge burden.

You could set up a company in specializing this by recording the data of the patients safely and securely by using blockchain technology. This would help the new doctors in accessing the past records of the patients to provide better service.

This isn’t a low investment business as this involves learning new technology for better safety of the patient, this does require huge investments initially to store massive amounts of health data.

Disaster Relief Location Finder Mobile App

As we have discussed earlier with the increase in mobile phones, there is an increase in lots of potential business opportunities. Mobile phones are the things people spend most of the time with even at times of need.

Disaster relief location finder app can use sensors of mobile and detect the signs of disaster, send the location updates to your family. You can add more features based on the requirement.

Similarly, you can create many apps to tackle different problems, this is a low investment business only the initial set up cost of sensors and testing requires money, you can charge on a subscription basis or use in-app advertisements.

Peer to Peer Business Lending Company

This could be a very lucrative business as most of the Indian’s still access their instant monetary needs through the informal channels with high-interest rates.

If you could help communities and people who need loans with official channels with less interest rate. There is a huge demand for this type of loan as not everyone can take a loan through Banks, so you can lend through peer to peer lending

This a low investment business and you would require less capital to start with and you could earn constantly without doing much work. To make this idea successful you need to start building a safe and secure platform, so the people can take and repay money easily without much hassle.

Vertical farming

Most of the Indians live off farming, vertical farming could be a great fit to earn extra income as here farming is done on verticle layers for maximum output.

This can be done with soil or without soil by using hydroponic or aeroponic methods with this you can grow crops in challenging environments where arable soil is rare.

This is a very promising technology as it can be used in places where space is a constrain you can set it up in your office space as well or even in your apartment to grow basic veggies and its very eco-friendly

Small and medium farmers can start this vertical farming as they have space constrain, this does require lots of trial and error to grow on a large scale but the profits are high than traditional farming.

Home Solar Energy Setup Company

In India, there is a huge potential for solar energy as the intensity of the sun in high compared to other parts of the world. You can set up a solar energy generating plant in your home itself and generate your own power and save a ton of money on electricity bills. For this idea, you need to install a solar energy plant on top of your home or the balcony.

There is also a subsidy given by the government to install solar energy plant you can store the energy in batteries and use, you can also supply excess power to the grid and earn money. Also read top 10 low investment business ideas

Solar electrical smart grid company

In India, there is still a large portion of the population that doesn’t have awareness of solar energy power plans. You can provide solutions for various business or households who are willing to set up solar power generators, You can give advice on the setup costs and the other costs involved with the savings they get on installations.

This is a low investment business idea as there is no capital involved that you would be investing as everything can be done online, you need to have good marketing skills to find potential clients.