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The sarcasm about almonds is that despite the US produces for a majority of its production, India is, by far, its biggest importer. 

Perfect soil and weather conditions in California, and Indian mothers spreading the health benefits of four almonds a day for generations. What’s absolutely not funny, though, is the profit it ‘normally’ offers to importers.

India’s in-shell almond imports have grown at a CAGR of 17.5% over the last decade. What’s even more motivating is the fact that in the future, the growth rate will be even higher.

Indian almonds are primarily grown in the hill states of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Annual yields per tree are typically low and range between 1,000-1,500 nuts. 

Shelling rates generally range between 20 and 30 percent for hard-shell varieties, and approximately 40 percent for thin-shelled varieties.

The current production of almonds in India is forecast at 1,400 MT

Demand growth for almonds is mostly driven by India’s expanding middle class, growing workforce, and increased consumer awareness of products perceived as ‘healthful’. Indian almond current consumption is forecast at 72,000 MT, an increase of 2,000 MT over the previous year.

 Indian demand for nuts peaks during the festive season, which runs from September to January. 

Indian consumers will buy almonds beyond the traditional non-pareil variety, which indicates their willingness to try new varieties from different origins

Indian consumers have preferred Californian non-pareil almonds due to price sensitivity, size, uniform ‘eye’ shape and sweetness. Australian non-pareil and Carmel varieties also account for a growing segment of the Indian market. 

Iranian varieties like Mamra and Qumi are popular in the western and northwestern regions of India

Almonds Business Opportunities exist and is lucrative business worldwide either in exporting or importing or both, After the US, Australia is a reserved second when it comes to India’s sources of almond imports. 

But being cheaper, the overall value being shipped to India has heaved at an average of over 84.3% before a slight dip in FY2015.

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While India is the world’s major in-shell almond importer, it doesn’t even rank in the top 15, when it comes to imports of shelled almonds. And the reasons for this are simple. 

Firstly, given the cheaper labor cost in India as linked to that in both the US and Australia, it’s very logical to import in-shell almonds and then sell them in India.

Secondly, probably to ensure almond-shelling connected jobs, even the government has fixed lesser import duties for in-shell almonds as compared to shelled almonds.

And one of the best examples of such differential rates indeed making jobs in India is Karawal Nagar in North East Delhi, where, on an average day, one can find thousands of workers shelling almonds. 

Interestingly, even exporters are not disturbed by such differential rates. This (differential rates) is very good for India because the shelling that happens here has shaped a huge cottage industry.

Processing to Market

  • Almond Processing Facility
  • Company in India – importing and processing almonds
  • Risks in Almond
  • Moisture Content

Product Information

  • Product Profile
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrient status and its impact on quality and yield of
  • almonds
  • Nutrient Intake, Nutrient Adequacy,
  • and Diet Quality


 The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). With already a bad standing in the case of several imported food items, the activity hasn’t made its case any stronger when it comes to almond. 

“There are difficulties with FSSAI. It takes a lot of time to clear our vessels at the port. Sometimes, it takes 15-20 days, and sometimes even a month. Delaying permissions is not the only issue FSSAI is blamed for. It’s also accused of pilferage During FSSAI sampling, there is pilferage




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