Earn $60/Hour Part-Time Work-From-Home Job at Scribe Media

It is Home based Offline job which usually requires you to work 3 – 4 hour in a Day, Part Time Home Based Data Entry Typing Work For College Students And Freshers · Work from Home Opportunities. 

If you have writing/editing skills, Scribe Media, a site dedicated to helping book authors, is a great place to get well compensated to work from home.

Check out their Scribe gigs, where you get to work as a ghostwriter, editor, etc

Scribe’s solution has been designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. Its flexible architecture makes it easy to virtually replicate your work.

A scribe is a person who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing.

Application Engineer · Customer Experience (CX) Engineer · Senior Software Engineer · Software Engineer · NLP Engineer · Senior NLP Engineer · Medical Scribe.

As a proofreader with Scribe, you are the one who makes the manuscript beautiful! … you to apply directly from our career portal at https://scribe.breezy.hr/.

Do you love writing and editing nonfiction books?

Do you really enjoy helping awesome people create their books?

Are you tired of the normal freelancer bullshit, and want something more?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got your perfect role.

We call this role “Scribe,” but you could compare it to a “ghostwriter” or possibly even “co-writer.”

Roles and responsibilities:

At Scribe Media, you can work on the side as an editor/proofreader, ghostwriter, etc. while helping authors create successful books.

You’ll mostly spend your time interviewing, writing, and editing. Scribe Media will get you the clients and compensate you.


$60-$70/hour for most gigs

Freelance with the possibility to go full-time

Work from home or anywhere else.

Required Qualifications:

High-level book experience: You may need as much as 10 years of experience positioning and structuring books

Excellent writing and editing skills

Good people/interviewing skills

Organised and detail-oriented

Technical Requirements:

As long as you have an internet and phone connection, you can work from anywhere.

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