Earn $25-$30/Hour Online Worldwide with a Side Job at work from home

You can easily earn $25-$30/Hour Online by working from home from anywhere. With Scribbr company you can get  a work-from-home side hustle.


Scribbr is an academic proofreading and editing service for students around the globe. Together with our team of more than 500 freelance editors.

The Scribbr Academic Assistant allows Scribbr editors to save time while editing study-related documents for Scribbr. 

Improve your paper with our award-winning Scribbr Proofreading & Editing Service, Plagiarism Checker, Citation Generator, and extensive Knowledge Base

Roles and Responsponsibilities

At Scribbr, as a freelance editor, you can get paid to help students finish their college degree program, become better writers, and enhance the language structure and clarity of their term papers.


You can earn $25-$30/hour USD or €20-€25/hour

You’ll get a fixed rate based on the deadline, word count and selected services.

Invoicing, tax support, and bi-monthly paydays


You can work at least 10 hours per week.

Personalised training to help you optimise your skills and knowledge.

Access to their exclusive editing resources and software.

Full-time work during busy periods.

Work from anywhere 

Required Qualifications:

At least a bachelor’s degree.

You’re willing to help students during weekends or holidays.

You are a native speaker of the language for which you are applying to be an editor.

You can help out during the busiest periods of the year (May and August).

Technical Requirements:

You Should know Microsoft Word 2013 or later

A reliable internet connection

You have experience in editing (academic) texts.